Friday, September 5, 2014

GIF Season!

Though I didn't follow through with my videos ( I'll do those I SWEAR!), I've managed to capture a few animated GIFs of my work :)
I intend to do these regularly. It's a good way to see how my work progresses, and to see where I'm getting caught up the most.

I've made a multitude of these GIFs for now. But Only a few for personal work. I'll feature those now.
Hopefully the NDAs will lift soon, so I can get some of my professional work out as well.

Zombie Sworceror!

Mantis Shrimp Study

It's unusual for me to do side-by-side studies. But I've finally found some images I'd thoroughly enjoy doing. 

There was no color picking, just approximate coloring.
And here's the big version :
Mantis Shrimp side-by-side study

It's not perfect, but close enough. The goal was having fun, as well as study.