Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slavic mithology FTW!

The Great Grandmother or Velika Baba is just one of the names for a long forgotten deity of the old Slavs, who dared not name it otherwise than Granny, as a means to appease her. There are certain parallels with the Russian Baba Jaga, but there are different claims to that. For more consult the article on wiki

Baba Roga

Story book illustrations

An illustration assigment entries for a book cover


Little Red Riding Hood

Lord RoR

 Lord RoR is one of the characters I'm working on for a small comic, who knows, maybe I'll make a web comic out of it. but I'm a bit tight on time right now. So Lord RoR the Master Destroyer is on hold.
But expect updates soon. as I'm thinking of going back to this one.

Lord RoR the original sketch

Lord RoR - second installment


Specimens are currently undergoing preparation and processing.
Please proceed to the following link for viewing previous installments, that may or may not show here.

We thank you for you cooperation.


WELCOME! you are entering a dangerous area!

We take it you were found my terror - sentries, and were sent here for processing. Good for you!
If not, the tentacle monster and the shoggoth WILL know, so don't try anything funny and/or trick me. 
Seeing how you have found your way here, I shall lead you through my ever - expanding collection of work.
I hope you like it :D