Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Horneye Series

I'm yet to find their use and story. I found them appealing for their weirdness. Initially, I wanted to make an illustration, a scene dominated by one weird figure, to capture the attention by the figure's peculiarity, and other elements leading the eye towards it. The illustration was to be titled The Weird Queen, but at one point I decided to change the design, or actually to see what the hell I wanted to represent my Weird Queen. So I got down to do some designing, and this was the first thing I got

Horneye Female (Originally - The Weird Queen)

Later, I got to draw her in pencil, somewhat defining her as a species, though I was a bit rusty at the time.
Horneye Female - sketches

So far I rally like the look of them, I'll keep on developing them.More full-body pieces will be forthcoming, hopefully.

Horneye Elder - Taking the concept further