Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tengu soldier helm

Still some more redesign work. I actually did not refer the original sketch.

First Tengu Armor Sketch

Second pass WIP

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Draw it again!

This little piece started as a warm up  before getting down to do something else.
I've decided to make a quick little sketch where I'll tackle a pass on one of my earlier creations.
Rougly inspired by Wall-e, M0v - X came to be

 Original sketch of M0v - X

M0v - X was first devised to be the sidelick to the main character in my, now scrapped comic book project.
I still liked the main design, so I just thought to redo it. Applying some of my new knowledge and skills to an existing design, in order to make it a  finished piece. The way this went is so : 

 Process of redesigning my original idea.

As shown, there was a lot of tweaking, I generally like curving my lines a bit in my hard surface designs, for some added dynamics and adding more character to the design.

M0v - X , the end result.

I'm quite happy how it went down so far. I think I'll do more pieces like this.