Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ancient warrior - making of :D

Here is a small exercise I've done today. I'm pretty happy with how this guy ended up looking.

Character Design - Ancient Warrior

Ancient Warrior - stages

And here's the initial sketch I've made while I was boozin'with my friends :D

Ancient Warrior - initial sketch

I was going for a hyperborean-type of an old warrior. I haven't bothered posing him or giving him a weapon. As you can see, the end result is a bit different. During painting, I've opted to reduce the detail, and change the armor design so it made more sense. A bit, at least. I still don't believe you could move in that :D
It's not the best of designs for modelling, but I'm pretty happy with how he turned out in the end. 
Now, onward to make me some actually useable character designs !

Wastelands are fun!

I've always liked the aesthetic of the wasteland. So here's my spin to it. This is a rare environment I've done.
I've also tried out a bit of speed painting. Glorious results are here :D

Wasted Landscape 01

Monolith Speedpaint

Pinhead of the Cenobytes - a speedpaint

Patrick Boutin Gagné: Him...

Patrick Boutin Gagné: Him...: ...Et la réalisation en mode vidéo...